Fr, 08.10.2021 BIERGARTEN: The Sex Organs

Konzert präsentiert von SAU e.V. Beginn: 20:00h

In the year 2013 NASA received a strange signal from the Andromeda galaxy. After several months of study by some of the top linguistics experts on the planet the signal was translated and discovered to be a request to visit the planet Earth by two representatives of a planet inhabited by beings resembling human sexual organs. The message also stated that The Sex Organs had been monitoring human sexual activity for the last several decades and felt that it was time to come to our planet because "Human sexuality has become wrong and un-sexy". The Sex Organs started their tour of Earth at The Funtastic Dracula Carnival in 2014 and plan on holding seminars and "noise therapy sessions" at the hottest rock and roll festivals in Europe this year such as Cosmic Trip Festival in France and Hipsville in Surrey, U.K. The Sex Organs recorded their first Vinyl in the red light district of Amsterdam, Holland and found Voodoo Rhytm in Bern Switzerland to be the sexiest label for their First release. Earlier this year The Sex Organs signed an exclusive recording contract with Voodoo Rhythm Records in Bern, Switzerland to get their message of "good sex" and "loud noises" to the rest of the human race.




  • From Zürich / Bern / Amsterdam
  • feat Members of: the Jackets, Anomalys