Sa, 04.11.2017 KONZERT: Columbian Neckties & 60s Twist Freakout mit DJ Ugly Robin

Konzert präsentiert von SAU e.V. Einlass: 21:00h / Beginn: 21:30

In 1999 Shake Appeal broke up and so Guitarist Henrik and Bass player Simon joined forces with new singer Jeppe Escobar and drummer Slambert (aka Slamboy). The music changed to a more Rock’n’Roll inspired punk rock. Not as fast and furious as Shake Appeal but more swinging in a Saints, Fun Things, Infections kinda way...only faster! One of the first gigs was at the Adios Moshable Festival in Copenhagen where we opened day 2 at Loppen. This concert was recorded by the Danish National Radio and a couple of months later the whole gig was broadcasted in the radio. Wow. After doing a lot of support jobs the band decided to do some recordings for record purposes. In January 2000 they recorded the first demo: 9 songs on an analogue 4-track tape recorder to ensure the right ’77 feel. The tape was put on CDR and sent around. Tony Slug reviewed it in Hit List magazine: "…somebody release this!" – and somebody did! High School Reject from Holland decided to release a 10" and it turned into the 6-track lo-fi punk rock blast Scene of the Crime.

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