Do, 16.11.2017 KONZERT: Féroces + Au Revoir

Konzert präsentiert von SAU e.V. Einlass: 20:00h / Beginn: 21:30

Post-Rock aus Frankreich & USA


Féroces, a trio based in Besançon, made up of experienced musicians from the european music scene, in groups such as Gantz, Stellardrive, Asidefromaday and Hiro, draws from the post-rock genre with compositions of melancholic nature, adding a touch of pop and new wave to make it their own. The message is conveyed by others through the use of cinematographic elements : from Goddard’s Nouvelle Vague to Chabrol’s cynicism, the actors are the narrators. There is no singers in Féroces.

Au Revoir

we dont take ourselves seriously, but we take our music very seriously. we do everything ourselves, with the support of our community.

"Au Revoir have progressed leaps and bounds in only a small amount of time and I really hope that this new found style on ‘Black Hills’ is something they pursue going forward. I also hope that other listeners make the same connections to this album as I have. I tend to let my imagination run away in the playground that is Post-Rock and am thankful that ‘Black Hills’ has offered me an escape that is much darker, heavier experience than I’m use to." -'s review of "Black Hills"

"Au Revoir’s debut embodies the “we’re a rock band, not a string section, not an ableton DJ” mindset without devolving into the G to E minor pitfalls of most of their peers. While it never quite ventures into the |m|etal territory, they pull off heaviness, and while it likewise never goes to Jonsi-whimpering-over-a-glockenspiel territory, it has impressively uplifting moments. " - 's review of "In The Key Of Night"

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