Sa, 20.07.2024 KONZERT: Das Klown + Blutgruppe Wixxe

Konzert präsentiert von SAU e.V. Einlass: 20:00 Uhr | Beginn: 21:00 Uhr

Das Klown, formed in North Hollywood, California in 1989, is one of the noteworthy hardcore bands to come out of Southern California. Growing up as a punk rocker in the late 70’s in Long Beach, lead singer A.J. Ransdell was heavily influenced by both U.K. and U.S. punk bands throughout the ages. Wanting to help keep the scene alive at the end of the 80’s, Das Klown was created. Their sound combines melodic, heavy guitar riffs, powerful drumming and abrasive vocals. Its chaotic, roller coaster ride of sound and its lyrics—which are based on real-life struggles—are a natural fit. The band promptly gained a reputation, going against the grain with their brutally honest “in your face” stage presence. They quickly gained momentum, releasing several records and embarking on a number of U.S. tours, often accompanying bands like The Dickies and Fear. Eventually touring over seas in 99’, Das Klown gained a strong European fanbase. After taking a 23 year hiatus, they are back playing shows and planning to release a new album in 2024.

Bei Blutgruppe Wixxe handelt es sich um ein neues Karlsruher Projekt um Hackerei-Chef Plüschi.