Mi, 17.04.2019 KONZERT: Death By Horse + The Pathogens

Konzert präsentiert von SAU e.V. Beginn: 20:00h

Death by Horse

Death By Horse creates music that is straight and honest, it’s vivid and high energy. Everything is allowed as long as it comes from the heart. The seeds for what would become Death By Horse was planted in the beginning of 2015. The summer was dedicated to compose the music for the debut album "This To Shall Pass" and was released in April 2016. In the music the listener is greeted with joy, seriousness, spontaneity and playfulness. The similarities to the band's music can be found in punk, rock and pop genres. In the lyrics you will find both heavy and real-life topics with the purpose to affect.

Within a year the band has over hundreds of thousands of streams, toured through Eurpe, made three music videos and a tour documentary - everything completly DIY.

Death By Horse' second album was released early summer 2018. On this album DBH takes their music to the next level!

On stage Death By Horse truly delivers an explosive, high energy live performance!

The Pathogens

The Pathogens are a punk band from Oakland, California comprised of beloved veterans of the east bay punk scene who have been playing in bands for most of their lives. They’re known for their provocative, high energy shows, and they stand out from other bands.
The band is not unique because they have two singers with their own special strengths, but also because they’re not afraid to dip into different musical genres of influences. They throw whatever supports the idea of a song into one big petri dish, the product of which is a new virulent strain of chaos and political poetry.

“Taking the added caginess of the first wave of Bay area punk and injecting their own crust and pop-punk influences, The Pathogens are able to walk the tightrope anchored by heavy social messages on one end and whimsical chaos on the other…” – punknews.org

Mehr erfahrt Ihr unter http://www.deathbyhorse.com/