Mi, 05.04.2023 KONZERT: Heimat + Orgel Krueger + Die schmutzigen Schliche

Konzert präsentiert von SAU e.V. Beginn: 20:00 Uhr

Heimat is a French band comprised of famous figures of french underground, Armelle Oberlé (The Dreams, Badaboum) and Olivier Demeaux (Cheveu, Accident Du Travail)

"Almost as if John Carpenter, RZA, and The Slits made a record together.”

When Heimat released their 1st LP in 2016, Dangerous Minds placed it in “the same weird territory as PiL’s Flowers of Romance and the Residents’ Not Available.”
And The Quietus’ David Mckenna noted that “various ancient cultures are clashing here, or so it seems – (shaped) into fascinating ziggurats. ‘Wieder Ja!’, ‘Pompei’ and ‘Afrikastan’ are strange monuments I could stare at all day.”

Since then, praised by bands like Protomartyr, Algiers, and Blues Control's Russ Waterhouse, Heimat has played in various festivals with post punk acts like Protomartyr and This Is Not This Heat.
Their music has also been played by DJs like Elena Colombi or Trevor Jackson on NTS, WFMU and other radios.