Mi, 27.02.2019 KONZERT: Ordos + Support

Konzert präsentiert von SAU e.V. Beginn: 20:00h

Dark Stoner Rock aus Uppsala, Schweden

In the fall of '11, yet another band from the infamous rehearsal space in Uppsala, Sweden, broke up. And from the ashes, mold and dirt, a new idea and three members rose once again. Inspired by the underground stoner genre and the atmosphere all around them, they grabbed an unknowing new guitarist to the location the police once called "the shithole of Uppsala". The place many punks have called "Home".

Playing some slow riffs, screaming and drinking to find a new style, the sound of one guitar just wasn't enough, so the strings were tuned down and a second guitarist got thrown into the dark, weird project. Finally! It started to sound like it looked! Trashy stoner-doom with inspiration from black metal, bluesy psychedelic stoner and everything in between.

One year later they released a self-recorded demo and plenty of gigs followed while the music developed. Ready for a new album, they visited a friend and recorded twelve new songs. Only six were good enough, and the only amount that would fit into an LP.

When winter '13 arrived, the album "Ordos S/T" was officially released, and a half year later the physical record arrived.

Since then they have performed gigs and festivals all over Sweden, including the already legendary Krökbacken and last but not the least, Lemmy's favourite hangout in Berlin, White Trash.

The second full length album has been made at mighty Studio Underjord, which has recorded bands like Skraeckoedlan, Tombstones and Saturnalia Temple. It is released in cooperation with Moving Air Music.

Vorband und VVK folgen!

Mehr erfahrt Ihr unter https://ordosofficial.bandcamp.com/